Concerts on the Dock

Concert Series

Trying to pick which local musical act to see can be a bit overwhelming when you’re in a city with as many options as Huntsville. Thankfully, a variety of organizations host concert series that showcase much of what the Rocket City’s music scene has to offer, in venues that must be experienced to be believed, like:

Check out local favorites in the hollowed-out quarry of Three Caves or witness an epic view of Huntsville from Burritt on the Mountain. You can also experience a concert while kicking back in the heart of Big Spring International Park or resting under the water tower at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

Of course, the multi-talented musical acts of the Rocket City have no problem living up to the stages they play on, and put on stellar performances every week. All this adds up to a consistent series of exciting concerts of all sorts for Huntsville residents and visitors hoping to catch great tunes.

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