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Sharon Singletary

I am a Huntsville native (well, Hazel Green is close enough) and proud graduate of Auburn University. In my fourth year, I freaked my parents out by abandoning graphic design for art history, but I knew I was meant to spend my life supporting creative souls, not imitating them. And so far, much to my poor parents’ relief, it’s worked out.

Huntsville changed a lot while I was away, and upon returning I rediscovered my hometown. The budding art scene especially impressed me, and I longed to be a part of it. Thankfully, I landed a sweet job at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment which not only allowed me access to the art movement, but also the privilege of helping to support Huntsville artists.

My blog, Art For A Hungry ShareBear, started as self-assigned homework projects, but I found I really enjoy blogging. So even though I am busy these days, I do my best to post once a month, and twice when I can. You can read my blog by clicking here

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