Hey everyone! Katie here again with iHeartHsv.com. I’m super excited that spring has sprung in the Tennessee Valley, so I thought I would take my parents out to the Huntsville Botanical Garden for a day among the flowers! Come along with me as I vlog my day.

We started off our visit at Clementine’s, a little café next to the gift shop. You don’t actually have to pay admission to eat at the café, so if you’re short on time, these soups, salads, and sandwiches should be right up your alley. I had the half pimento cheese sandwich and the Botanical salad- yum!

Next, we took a docent-guided tour through the garden to get some behind-the-scenes knowledge. Our guide was hilarious and so knowledgeable! She told us that the garden is almost 90% volunteer-run. She also pointed out things I may not have noticed, like that the columns sprinkled around the park are actually the columns from the second Madison County courthouse, built in the early 1800s!

Finally, we took some time to wander around the garden at our own pace. Some of my favorite spots were the Mathews Nature Trail, full of local sculptor Wade Wharton creations, and the herb garden, with areas such as culinary, medicinal, and Shakespearean.

I hope you enjoy following me around my day at the Botanical Garden!




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