Can at Salty Nut Brewery in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Salty Nut Brewery

Coronavirus has changed the way a lot of us do things, least of which includes the rules around how (and where) you can imbibe your favorite adult beverage. With the recently adjusted liquor laws, many of our local restaurants and breweries are serving something up a little stronger to go for those who are at least 21. We've rounded up a few of the places to grab some alcohol to go. Please make sure to drink responsibly and fix your drinks in the designated areas (Entertainment District or home). Here's an article explaining it. 



Cocktails to Go

If you are looking for mixed drinks, several restaurants are offering to go cocktails to mix at home.

Phat Sammy's 

Cocktails to go at Phat Sammy's
Photo Credit: Phat Sammy's 

Huntsville's only Tiki Bar with Asian fusion food is selling their cutty bangs to go! Phat Sammy's is selling all of their sealed booze to go. This includes beer bottles, discounted bottles of wine, sake bottles, and cutty bangs with all the garnishes. They are also selling all of their cocktails in to-go purple cups for the entertainment district. Also, all of the sealed booze can be purchased online and the ID checked when they pick it up.


Old Black Bear

Cocktails to go at Old Black Bear in HuntsvillePhoto Credit: Old Black Bear

Madison's Old Black Bear is not only serving their menu, beer, but also their Moscow Mules to go.



Mule Kits at Melt To Go in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Melt Huntsville 

You can order some cheesy goodness from Melt along with some Moscow Mule kits. They may have more, you'll just need to ask! 


The Bar at 805

Cocktails to go at The Bar at 805 in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Bar at 805

Don't forget about the coolest middle school in the Country at The Bar at 805 located at Campus No. 805.


West End Grill

Cocktails to go at West End Grill in Huntsville
Photo: West End Grill 

They have family style meals that go beyond just your meat and three. This place also has wine and beer to sell! 


Margaritas To Go

It's 5 o' clock somewhere. Why not grab a top notch margarita from some of our local restaurants. 

Phil Sandoval's

Margaritas to go at Phil Sandoval's Mexican Restaurant in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Phil Sandoval's Mexican Restaurant 

'My friend Phil' has his famous Margarita Mix along with the spicy mix! 


Little Rosie's 

Margaritas to go at Little Rosie's in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Little Rosie's 

This is one of our coworkers favorite places. She is a huge fan of the queso and burritos, so grab one of those along with the margarita mix.


Taco Mama

Food and margaritas to go at Taco Mama in Huntsville

Photo Credit: Taco Mama

I have heard incredible things about the deal and the amount of food you get at Taco Mama. Why not take Taco Tuesday up a notch with some margaritas?


Beer and Wine To Go

Many restaurants where you could buy a nice meal and wine, you can still do so. You're just going to get a bottle instead of a glass. If you're doing #TakeoutTuesday, make sure you ask if they are able to set you up with an adult beverage too! 


Church Street Wine Shoppe 

Beer and wine to go at Church Street Wine Shoppe in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Church Street Wine Shoppe


Stem & Stein

Wine to go at Stem & Stein in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Stem & Stein 

The have both wine and beer. You can also fill up with their partnering food truck, Famous Joe's Pizza.


Gold Sprint

Beer to go at Gold Sprint in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Gold Sprint

You might not think of Gold Sprint as a place to grab a cold one, but you can get beer and or wine to along with your coffee fix in this new establishment. 


The Casual Pint

Exterior of Casual Pint in HuntsvillePhoto Credit: Casual Pint

You can grab some food and some adult beverages curbside. 

Das Stahl Bierhaus

Growler at Das Stahl Beerhouse in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Das Stahl Bierhaus

For those in South Huntsville, Das Stahl Beerhouse has both packaged can and bottles as well as growlers. With 32 beers on tap and around 450 unique bottle options to go, you are sure to find just the right drink! They are offering curbside service. Just call ahead at 256-858-1495. Customers can view the beer selection on the website.



OTBX growler

Growlers, crowlers, and wine (both in stock and by order) to go.


Downtown Craft Beer Trail

The Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail is ready to fill your growlers and crowlers. Make sure to check with each business- and respect the tape, if you see it! The tape is a physical reminder to keep at least six feet distance between guests.

Interior at Green Bus Brewing in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Green Bus Brewing 

Green Bus Brewing is still selling and have spots marked both inside and outside for people to stand. 


Beer to go at Inner Space Brewery in Huntsville Photo Credit: InnerSpace Brewery 

InnerSpace Brewery is opening for to go sales on Friday through Sunday.

Beer at Salty Nut Brewery in HuntsvilleSalty Nut Brewery, recently acquired by Straight to Ale, is open on Saturdays from noon until 4:00 pm to fill your crowlers! See photo at the beginning of the article. 

Space Beer Straight to Ale Monkeynaut
Straight to Ale is still serving both their brews and the community at this time with their help providing sanitizer. Straight to Ale is open daily from 12-8pm for beer, wine, spirits, and food to go.

Merchandise at Yellowhammer Brewery in HuntsvilleYellowhammer Brewery is busy making sanitizer, but has a sale on their to-go beers for only $7. This includes all 6-packs, 4-packs and 32 oz Crowler fills. By state limits,you purchase a case at a time.To encourage contact free transactions, you will be able to order/pick up beer from the roll up garage door by the bar entrance. You can call ahead at (256) 489-9534

Beer at Fractal Brewing Project in Huntsville
Photo Credit: Fractal Brewing Project

Fractal Brewing Project, one of our newest breweries, is known for their complex equations in their brewery. For their to-go cans, they have put them on the side if that's your thing. Below is the entire problem. They are words that probably make sense to most of Huntsville, but alas, I am not one of those.

Equation on Fractal Brewing Project can

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