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Hooray! The popular Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Huntsville has just grown by two additional hidden ducks! Read on below for all of the details.

The news

If you’ve been in Downtown Huntsville recently near Big Spring International Park, you’ve seen the ducks. They’re cute. They’re feather-y. They waddle. And two years ago, they inspired city and community leaders to create a scavenger hunt in their likeness. The Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt, created, promoted and maintained by the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, launched in 2013 with 12 bronze ducks hidden throughout Downtown Huntsville. Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) officials recently that the popular scavenger hunt has added two additional hidden ducks and updated the original clues. (See the new clue card here).

Can you find all 14 ducks on the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt?

How it works

All ducks are permanently affixed around Downtown Huntsville. The Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt is a free, self-guided, permanent activity and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Scavenger hunters can walk the scavenger hunt by parking at the Visitor Center lot on Cleveland Avenue or drive from location to location.

Scavenger hunters who discover all 14 ducks are encouraged to return to the Visitor Center, located at 500 Church Street in Downtown Huntsville, to receive a special prize.

Clue cards can be found online at or picked up at the Visitor Center.

What do these hidden ducks looks like? Check out the picture below.

The bronze ducks of the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt via


What 's been said about it

“Scavenger hunters will not only have a blast as they search for each Lucky Duck, but they’ll also encounter downtown Huntsville attractions and venues on their journey that perhaps they haven’t visited in a while or didn’t know about,” Huntsville/Madison County CVB President/CEO Judy Ryals said. “We have so many family-friendly activities in downtown Huntsville, and we’re excited to continue to showcase many of them on the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt.”

“The Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt has become a favorite among visitors and locals,” Ryals said. Even if you’ve already found all 12 ducks, it’s worth giving it another try to see if you can find the new hidden ducks.”

Scavenger Hunters embark on the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt in Huntsville, Alabama via Can you find the hidden ducks?