Hi guys! Katie here again. It’s no secret that Alabama summers are hot, but who wants to spend the whole season indoors? I know I sure don’t. In this video, I’ll show you a few ways to keep you staying cool in the Huntsville heat that don’t involve staying inside.


Suzy’s Pops

One way to cool off is to lower your internal temperature with a popsicle. Suzy’s Pops at Lowe Mill has a huge selection of delicious pops, from creamy, to boozy, to fruity. You’ll definitely find one that hits the spot! I chose the Blueberry YinYang, a smooth blend of blueberry and greek yoghurt. It’s even better consumed under a fan ;)


Kayaking on the Flint River

Madison County has some great rivers to enjoy by kayak, such as the Flint River. The temperature on the water always seems a few degrees cooler than on dry land, and if the heat gets to be too much, you can always jump in for a swim! I was lucky enough to borrow my parent's kayaks, but North Alabama Canoe and Kayak can rent you a noble vessel to carry you down the river. They even shuttle you to and from your location!


Splash Pads

If you’ve got kids, one of the county’s many splash pads are a great way to cool down. If you’re near downtown, the Children’s Fountain on Fountain Circle has a shady pavilion for the parents. If you head over to the Bridgestreet pop jet fountain, you can duck into the air-conditioned stores every now and then for some relief! Not to mention, a brand-new splash pad opened this year at the Showers Center.


Hiking in the Shade

There are plenty of shady hikes in Madison County, like the new Land Trust Alum Hollow cave on Green Mountain. If you time it well, you may even see a waterfall! While I didn’t see a waterfall, I did get to relax in the shade of an overhang that once sheltered prehistoric Native Americans!


Whatever outdoor activity you get up to this summer, make sure you stay hydrated and apply sunscreen! Thanks for coming along with me, and enjoy the last bit of summer!


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