Madison County has a lot of big city conveniences, but we’ve also got a few small town charms, too! For example, it is super easy to access fresh, locally-grown food at one of our many farmer’s markets. Today, I’m showing you four great spots to visit to sample some delicious goods grown right here in the Tennessee Valley!


Greene Street Market

Address: 208 Eustis Ave., Huntsville

Dates: Thursdays

Hours: May-October, 4-8pm May-August, 4-7pm in September, and 3-6pm in October


Madison City Farmers Market

Address: 1088 Hughes Rd., Madison

Dates: Saturdays

Hours: April-November, 8am-noon April-September, 9am-noon October-November


Village of Providence Artisans and Farmers Market


Dates: Tuesdays, Saturdays

Hours: April-November, 8am-noon Saturdays, 3:30-8pm Tuesdays


Bailey Cove Farmers Market

Address: 12200 Bailey Cove Rd., Huntsville

Dates: Saturdays

Hours: June-September, 8am-noon

  There are so many delicious local options available in Madison County and in so many convenient locations that there is no excuse not to visit one of these wonderful farmers markets. Whether you’re looking for fruits and vegetables, bread, coffee, eggs, meat, art, live music, or even something you haven’t decided on, you’ll find it at one of these markets. Happy shopping!




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