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German-American Heritage Lecture Series

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In celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago, this lecture series will feature those who lived and worked it.

Jan 17 6 pm, Hsv Main Library  Family Life in Ft. Bliss (1946-1950) -  Klaus Rosinski, Uwe Hueter, Gisela Vowe Galzerano, Volker Roth  

Feb 21  6 pm, Hsv Main Library  Paperclip Family Experiences (1946-50s) - Ed Buckbee, Rainer Klauss, Ursula Mrazek Vann, Peter Finzel, Georg von Tiesenhausen  

Apr 18  6 pm, Hsv Main Library Paperclip Team Moves to Huntsville - Ed Buckbee, Christel Kuberg Dunn, Inge Kuberg Zanaty, Georg von Tiesenhausen, Volker Roth  

May 16  4 pm, Discovery Theater US Space & Rocket Center Return to Peenemuende - Ed Buckbee, Jackie Dannenberg, Dick Curtis, Heidi Collier  

Jul 15   6 pm, Hsv Main Library Paperclip2 - Ed Buckbee, Klaus Dannenberg, Uwe Hueter, Volker Roth  

Jul 18    6 pm, Hsv Main Library Huntsville Rocket City, USA - Kenny Mitchell 

Aug 1  1 pm, Discovery Theater, US Space & Rocket Center Cultural Melding Storytelling - Rainer Klauss, George von Tiesenhausen, Ursula Mrazek Vann  

Aug 15  6 pm, Hsv Main Library Army Role in US Space Race - Ed Buckbee, Michael Baker  

Aug 29   1 pm, Discovery Theater, US Space & Rocket Center  Kenny Mitchell's Story NASA Russia Partnership - Kenny Mitchell   

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German-American Heritage Lecture Series
  • 01/17/2019 - 08/29/2019
  • Varies
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