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Pre-Civil War Homes Walking Tour - Twickenham

  • Downtown Huntsville
  • Huntsville, AL 35804

Embark on a three-hour guided walking tour through Huntsville's Twickenham Historic District. Explore 20 Pre-Civil War homes and structures and hear captivating stories.

  • Explore 20 Pre-Civil War homes and structures.
  • Learn the history of Alabama through captivating stories.
  • Witness architectural diversity in Twickenham Historic District.

Experience the charm of Huntsville's past with our Pre-Civil War Homes Walking Tour in the Twickenham Historic District. This three-hour guided walking tour takes you through the heart of Alabama's history, unveiling 20 of the state's earliest homes and structures built before 1860. As you stroll through the Twickenham Historic District, our knowledgeable guide will share stories that bring Alabama's history to life. Discover the architectural diversity within the district, showcasing various styles of homes that reflect the lifestyle of Huntsville's earliest city-dwellers. The tour offers a unique opportunity to understand the cultural and historical significance of the neighborhood in shaping the State of Alabama. Capture memorable moments as you explore private homes and yards, respecting the privacy of homeowners by staying on the sidewalk.

There are no rest stops. There is no seating. Please bring comfortable attire and be prepared to walk.

  • Location: Downtown Huntsville, Huntsville, AL
  • Phone: (256) 658-6900
  • Price: Varies
Pre-Civil War Homes Walking Tour - Twickenham