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#iHeartHsv Campaign

The annual #iHeartHsv campaign is a "digital love fest" for all things Huntsville and runs each year from February 1-14. Traditionally, the campaign has exclusively targeted local areas; however, this year, we widened the reach to include quick-drive regional markets such as Chattanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, and Birmingham. In addition to our social campaign, digital billboards were placed in these regional markets with Huntsville messaging touting the funky, geeky, sporty, etc., attributes of Rocket City. The successful two-week campaign resulted in a 61% social audience growth, with a specific win in the Chattanooga-based audience of 8% growth. CVB Graphic Designer, Leah Hall, introduced new messaging and graphics specific to the campaign, but the results were so well received that we plan to use them throughout the year. Social Media Manager, Hannah Wilkins, kept social engagement up with clever, creative posts and giveaways. A few of the creative assets used for the campaign are provided below. 

Keep'n Huntsville Crafty     Keep'n Huntsville Tasty     Keep'n Huntsville Geeky

Keep'n Huntsville Sporty     Keep'n Huntsville Funky     Keep'n Huntsville Artsy

Keep'n Huntsville Silly     Keep'n Huntsville Lovely     Keep'n Huntsville Crafty