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April 18, 2024

(Huntsville, AL) – The Alabama Tourism Department released its annual 2023 Alabama Tourism Impact Report last week and the numbers are impressive and encouraging. Madison County continues to be among the leading counties in the state with growth across all measurable data.
Here are a few key takeaways for Madison County from the 2023 report:

  • Travel-related expenditures in Madison Co. grew by 15% with more than $2.4 Billion in revenue, setting a new record.
  • 3,974,596 visitors (estimated) to Madison County in 2023. 
  • This record increase spurred growth in travel-related employment sector in Madison Co., 5.7% higher than in 2022 with 23,355 jobs
  • 2.8 million visitors stayed overnight in hotels in Madison County – more than any other county!
  • Madison County maintains its ranking at #2 in the "Most Visited Counties in Alabama" list:
    1. Baldwin County 
    3. Mobile 
    4. Jefferson 
    5. Montgomery 

Why are these numbers important? 

  • Every household in Huntsville/Madison County saved more than $1,300 in additional taxes as a result of travel expenditures. 
  • Tourism in Madison County supports 23,355 jobs.

Source: 2023 Alabama Tourism Economic Report provided by the Alabama Tourism Department

For more information, contact Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Vice President Charles Winters at (256) 551-2235 or via email at

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