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Cultural Communities

Explore Huntsville's Cultural Communities 

Explore Huntsville's Cultural Communities page— here you'll discover the history, flavors, events, and much more that celebrate The Rocket City's many cultural communities.


Cory Lee Lowe Mill - edit
Cory Lee Lowe Mill - edit
A Weekend of Wheelchair Accessible...
Blog & restaurant hours updated 2023. My wife Dana and I love to travel. Just in the past few years, we’ve traveled to places like Laramie, Wyoming (her hometown); Fort Collins, Colorado; Madison,
Accessibility in Huntsville: Tips...
This article is Part 1 of a new series providing first-hand advice for wheelchair users looking to navigate and enjoy Huntsville/Madison County’s attractions, restaurants, shops, outdoor recreation,
Wheelchair-Friendly Hikes in...
A few weeks ago, my cabin fever reached an all-time high. Dana and I had been devout homebodies since March, and I just couldn't take it anymore. Out of shape and fresh out of ideas, I declared that

African American

Vegan Quinoa sliders on toasted buns from the restaurant Chef Will the Palate in Huntsville, AL.
Black-Owned Restaurants
Vegan Quinoa sliders on toasted buns from the restaurant Chef Will the Palate in Huntsville, AL.
Rocket City Civil Rights Driving...
Huntsville's Role in Civil Rights Exploring Huntsville's role in the Civil Rights Movement is easier than ever, thanks to a new effort by the Rocket City Civil Rights project – the Rocket City Civil
Black-Owned Farms in Huntsville and...
As the Fall season ends, we always hate that most farms begin closing their doors. While pumpkin picking may have to end, the fun of spending a day on the farm feeding animals, going for rides, and
H.C. Blake Art & History Center is...
What was once known to Hunstville as Memorial Plaza, has become a wonderful historical resource and art center providing a unique and educational experience in the heart of North Huntsville. For

Asian American

Phuket Thai
Asian Cuisine
Phuket Thai
Where to Celebrate Asian Culture...
Between bridges and cherry blossoms to tea houses and restaurants with cuisines that take you across the globe, these spots celebrate Huntsville's Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander
Huntsville's Best Asian Restaurants...
If you're a foodie who loves eating out, there is certainly at least one Asian restaurant you're passionate about. Sometimes, the urge to have Asian food strikes, and nothing satisfies until you get

Hispanic and Latinx

Vegan Mexican Blog Header
Hispanic and Latinx Cuisine
Vegan Mexican Blog Header
Rainbow Rocket City Pride LGBTQ+
LGBTQ+ Itinerary
Rainbow Rocket City Pride LGBTQ+