Green Bus Brewing overhead - Kadie Pangburn

Because our advice only goes so far...

Here's the deal. We know how it is. When a friend or friend's friend tells you that you must check out that particular restaurant, event, or attraction when you're visiting a new city, you listen. We listen. It's just how it is.

So, in case your friends haven't visited the Rocket City, we reached out to some awesome Huntsville and Madison County locals to find out what they would recommend for your trip. We call them itineraries, and we've split them by our best guess at your interests. For the space geek, shopaholic, STEM traveler, young professional, family traveling with young children, we hope we've given you a glimpse at just how much there is to do in Huntsville.

Don't see an itinerary that fits you? Let us know by e-mailing and we'll see if we can create one for you!