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Year of Alabama Birding

It’s the Year of Alabama Birding! Here in Alabama, there are over 280 birding sites and eight birding trails to introduce you to over 425 species of birds — from rare and endangered species like the red-cockaded woodpecker to common backyard birds like the painted bunting. Bird lovers and bird enthusiasts are invited to flock to the state to birdwatch or participate in other birding activities to immerse in the sights and sounds of Alabama's feathered friends. If you’re in the state during the spring and fall migrations, you can witness birds from all over North America. With so many perfect spots for bird-watching in Alabama, the only problem you’ll need to solve is where to head first! We suggest starting with the 13 Huntsville/Madison County Birding Sites. Check out our digital brochure here or pick up a printed guide at our downtown Visitor Center.

Check out more at the Alabama Tourism Department Year of Alabama Birding campaign.

Birding Brochure

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