Kamado Ramen

If you're a foodie who loves eating out, there is certainly at least one Asian restaurant you're passionate about. Sometimes, the urge to have Asian food strikes, and nothing satisfies until you get it. Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to give up going out to eat your favorite Asian dishes. There are currently even more places to captivate your taste bulbs for Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese. For authentic Asian flavors, this is a compiled list of Asian restaurants who have taken the impressive step to making vegan eating easy.

Phuket Thai Restaurant and Sushi


Born and raised in Thailand, Chef Tukky at Phuket has been voted one of the Best Chefs in the Tennessee Valley. Phuket located in Providence knows that fresh ingredients are necessary for delicious food. They offer everything from the Yellow Tofu Curry, Almond & Cashew Tofu (add vegetables) to Sushi: Takwon Pickled Daikon and Kappa Roll Crisp Cucumber. Ask for their vegetarian menu and their team will happily adjust to vegan.

Kamado Ramen

Kamado Ramen Vegan

This restaurant is the newest addition to Stovehouse. You can order takeaway or take a seat at their counter so you can watch the chefs at work while you eat. Go for the vegetable reman, it is made with vegan broth topped with wood ear mushrooms, corn, bean sprouts, bamboo shot and kale noodles (ask for no egg). Appetizer options are edamame and seaweed salad.

Oshi Poke Bowl and Sushi

oshi poke sushi bowl vegan

At O-shi, they challenge themselves to not sacrifice quality for convenience! The beautiful inside is light and airy, with a calming modern design. Vegan dishes on the menu are Green Zone Roll made of cucumber, carrot, mesclun salad and avocado on top and the Crunchy Garlic Tofu Bowl filled with garlic ponzu, chili silken tofu, crunchy garlic, chili oil and scallion (option to add avocado).

Viet Cuisine

Viet Cuisine

This Vietnamese restaurant is located on Jordan Lane. Amazingly most Vietnamese food is already plant-based. Vegan food is so common in the Vietnamese culture, you don’t have to sacrifice taste or flavor to go meat-free. The V3 is a great plant-based option, it is a mixed vegetable dish with vegan beef sautéed in lemongrass, chili pepper, onion, baby corn, bell pepper and pineapple. They also offer the T5 Veggie Clay Pot with vegan broth.

Surin of Thailand


Surin Thailand is staffed with Master Chefs who only use the freshest local vegetables and authentic Thai ingredients to give customers an unforgettable experience. Their menu selections offer a broad spectrum of authentic Thai cuisine to meet the special dietary needs, tastes, and dining preferences of all guests. Vegan options from Edamame, Hiyashi Wakame, and Avocado Rolls. They also have sushi like Vegetable Tempura Maki with tempura vegetables, Japanese sauce, and scallions or Yasai Maki with mixed vegetables. They have had exceptional customer service since 1990.

Mei Wei Asian Bistro 

mei wei

Mei Wei Asian Bistro (pronounced May Way) is a contemporary take on traditional Asian cuisine. They keep a vegan menu hidden behind the counter, just ask to see it. They offer starters, salad, and nine different entrees. Lo Mein Noodle with Tofu (no chicken, no oyster sauce, made with rice noodle).

Noodles & Dumpling Co.

Noodles and Dumplings The Camp

This Asian Fusion eatery shares the FEED, a converted 1967 Ford fire engine, located in the Camp food truck garden. The Camp is a terrific place for a gathering among friends to partake in flavorsome dishes and to knock back a couple of drinks. Noodles & Dumpling Co. offer two vegan options. Miso Mushroom Noodles made with Miso broth and ramen noodles topped by shitake mushrooms, seaweed, shredded cabbage and fresh sprouts (ask for no boiled egg). Two words: handmade dumplings. Mushroom Dumplings filled with ponzu, ginger, chilies, and fresh scallions. The dumplings are served with a ginger and sesame seed flavored soy sauce.

Poke Aloha

Poke Aloha

Located in the University Place Shopping Centre, Poke Aloha is providing fast, fresh-packed and delicious bowls. They strive to use quality local and seasonal produce, so that they do their part to support local producers and ensure that their footprint is no bigger than it should be. Their signature dish, the Vegan King Bowl is tofu, spinach, cucumber, edamame, tomato, red cabbage, pineapple, sweet corn, avocado, in sweet aioli sauce, sesame seed topping.

ShakeiT Boba


ShakeiT Boba Truck makes hand crafted bubble teas, a tea-based drink. Originating in Taichung, Taiwan, bubble tea includes chewy tapioca balls or a wide range of other toppings These are Strawberry Milk Tea + Rainbow Jelly and Taro Milk Tea + Crystal Boba. They made the milk into latta and substituted it for almond milk. They also offer lighter vegan fruit teas for anyone not wanting almond milk. With two locations, the main location is Shell Minit Man in Madison and the second is 4001 University DR NW in Huntsville, you can’t miss these charming drinks.