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Huntsville, Alabama – REI and Straight to Ale Brewery have teamed up to create a new brew – Mud Dog Dark Lager– to benefit the Land Trust of North Alabama.  The taproom release of “Mud Dog” is October 25 at Straight to Ale. The beer will be shipped out to market the following week to celebrate REI’s grand opening (November 15-17), and their commitment to further conservation of our incredible North Alabama lands. 

Conservation Collaboration
The name of the ale, “Mud Dog”, is a nod to one of the most unique and elusive creatures found in North Alabama – the giant Eastern Hellbender (or Mud Dog) salamander.   Once thought to be extirpated (extinct in our area) the Mud Dog salamander (also known as devil dog, ground puppy, snot otter, and lasagna lizard) has now been found to inhabit the depths of some of our area’s fast moving waterways. 

As the label says, “If nickname numbers indicate affection, the Eastern Hellbender is as lovable a giant salamander as you are likely to find.”  
This special salamander (and other unique species found in North Alabama) and its habitat are in need of protection.  With Huntsville projected to be the largest city in Alabama in just a few years it is critical that land conservation keeps pace with development.

REI, already volunteering to build trails and improve outdoor recreation, is now making strides to protect these critical habitats.  REI will donate 10% of the profits of the Mud Dog Dark Lager to the Land Trust of North Alabama to further the conservation of land and the incredible plants and animals, like the Mud Dog, that live on them.