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Monday, April 20, 2020




HUNTSVILLE, ALA.— In the spirit of coming together in these challenging times, RCP Companies’ Head Chef at The Camp, Chef Ruth Mercado, is preparing over 5,000 ready-to-eat casserole dishes to disperse in Huntsville as a continuation of Operation Drumstick started in Muscle Shoals and made possible by gracious donations from The Muscle Shoals Music Association, Forrest Wood Farms, and Merchants Grocery.  The Camp has identified six distribution centers through partners across Huntsville to safely hand out a meal to anyone who would like to commune together, separately.

“I just wanted to have a way for people in Huntsville to have a meal together, anyone and everyone, together but separate,” Chef Ruth said, “until the next time we can commune in the same place.”

Each package of meals will include four servings of various casserole dishes. GrubSouth will be transporting the prepared meals from The Camp’s kitchen to each distribution center with their approved health code protocols, drivers and resources they already have in place from their food transportation service. Distribution centers and meal preparation are made possible by The Camp, Woody Anderson Ford, Huntsville Country Club, Venue Group, Schoel Engineering, Saint Bartley Primitive Baptist Church, Canadian Bakin, and GrubSouth.


What: 5,000 prepared meals by The Camp for the Huntsville Community

Who: YOU! Anyone is welcome to come pick up a meal!

When: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 from 5:00-7:00 PM

Where: Distribution Centers Include:

The Camp at MidCity District - 5909 University Drive NW

Woody Anderson Ford - 2500 Jordan Lane NW

Huntsville Country Club - 2601 Oakwood Avenue NW

Venue Group Office, Washington Park Downtown - 120 Holmes Ave NW

Schoel Engineering - 7500 Memorial Pkwy SW #209

St. Bartley Primitive Baptist Church - 3020 Belafonte Ave NW


Updates on the meal distribution will be posted on the Facebook Event Page. For more information about The Camp, visit and @ExploreTheCamp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


CONTACT:  RCP Companies: Nadia Niakossary


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Nadia Niakossary

Project Coordinator

RCP Companies

C: 256.348.6609