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News Release



January 12, 2017


Anna Manning

Tres Taylor "A Journey Into Love" Art Exhibit and Reception


Huntsville, AL – 

  • Join us at The Little Green Store and Gallery on Thursday, February 2nd from 5:30pm to 8:00pm for “A Journey into Love,” an art exhibit and reception featuring contemporary artist Trés Taylor. Using wood putty, house paint, and acrylics as his medium, Taylor paints his stories on tarpaper, creating colorful and unique pieces about spiritual seeking, love, peace, and joy. He writes, “There is music all around us and if we let it come through, then we do amazing things. We sing, we dance, we tell our stories. My story is told through color, and it is a story about a monk who loves life so much that he occasionally sneaks out of the monastery at night to dance with the Cuban Cha-Cha girls. Wherever he walks, day lilies bloom in his footsteps. He rides through the villages on his bicycle and throws flowers at the doorsteps to remind us that everything is illuminated; everything is beautiful.” Come celebrate that beauty with us at “A Journey into Love” and view Taylor’s newest creations at The Little Green Store and Gallery!

Tres Taylor Art Exhibit Flyer