Take the Survey! What Huntsville Needs to Know about its Music Ecosystem



August 1, 2018


HUNTSVILLE, AL – The City of Huntsville and Sound Diplomacy launched a music ecosystem survey on Aug. 1 to gather additional public input for a citywide music audit.


The online survey is designed to help music consultants learn more about what the public thinks Huntsville needs to become a music-rich city. The questionnaire, available for the next six weeks, is aimed at musicians, music industry stakeholders and music lovers.


“We have an amazing opportunity here, to figure this out and direct our future as a music city. If we do this right, and the public participates, we can develop a vibrant and healthy music ecosystem that will generate social, cultural and economic benefits,” said Mayor Tommy Battle.


The survey is designed to address Huntsville’s music ecology, evaluate the economic and social impact of its music and determine its strengths and weaknesses. The data, together with the insights the Sound Diplomacy team gathered from their public meetings in June, will inform the development of an advanced music policy for Huntsville.


“We’ve been fortunate to meet a number of amazing musicians and businesses already,” said Shain Shapiro, CEO of Sound Diplomacy. “This strategy is yours, and in order for us to better understand the city and ensure we get it right, I ask that you work with us and fill out a survey, which will help us better understand the make-up of the city's music infrastructure and how it can be better optimized.”


After the survey closes Sept. 16, Sound Diplomacy and the City of Huntsville will host another public forum to discuss initial findings, update what they’ve learned through their research, and outline the next strategic steps.


“Supporting local arts and culture is one of the six core principles of The BIG Picture planning effort, and this music audit represents the City’s commitment to that principle,” said Dennis Madsen, Long-Range Planner for the City of Huntsville. “The local music scene is a vital part of our community, in terms of the part it plays in our local economy as well as the immeasurable impact it has on our quality of life. We know we have a deep and diverse music culture here.  Completing this survey will help us better understand that culture’s needs and strengths, and show us how we – both the City and the community at large – can continue to grow our music scene and create more opportunities for local artists,”


Sound Diplomacy began work on Huntsville’s music audit in April. During the initial gatherings, their team met with about 150 stakeholders in roundtables and interviews and conducted an open forum at Campus No. 805 with more than 200 participants.


A final report, expected in early 2019, will provide a comprehensive picture of the area’s music assets. It will include data on existing talent, recording studios and performance spaces, and outline opportunities to enhance existing activity and build different genres of music. Recommendations are also expected to address music-friendly municipal codes, ordinances and zoning, along with the potential for regional music collaborations.


This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and to be part of developing the first music strategy in the state of Alabama!


Please take the survey, from now through Sept. 10, at Huntsville Music City Survey.  For more information, visit SoundDiplomacy.com/Huntsville.  



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Contact:  Kelly Cooper Schrimsher, Director of Communication, City of Huntsville, 256-427-5006, kelly.schrimsher@huntsvilleal.gov.

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