Huntsville’s new state-of-the-art Amphitheater is hoping to open in the MidCity District in April 2020. Construction of the 8,000 fan venue is underway and the project is lead by the award-winning Ryan Murphy, includes leadership from the global Venue Group team including Ben Lovett, his brother Greg Lovett, Graham Brown & Jesse Mann, in partnership with other respected industry veterans Mike Luba, Don Sullivan, Jeff Kicklighter & Al Santos.

The Huntsville Amphitheater will not only be a concert space, they are making sure it will be 365-day experience that will, in addition to hosting live music, provide daily community building opportunities for local groups, businesses and government organizations to hold both large-scale and small gatherings. It will be an all night destination, as regional chefs will create a food village to serve patrons of the Amphitheatre and MidCity District.

“One of the biggest trends in the past 10 years has been an elevation of the quality and variety of food offerings, especially around music. We believe there is a huge amount of opportunity in the hospitality side of entertainment to deliver food and drinks of such excellence that they stand on their own two feet as an offering not simply as a way to “tide you over,” quench the thirst or satiate the hunger temporarily," said Ben Lovett. "We have to aspire for higher standards than that. One of the reasons that Huntsville is so appealing to me and the team is it feels like going the extra mile is in the DNA of this city and we intend to go the extra mile when it comes to not just the concert experience but the restaurants and bars that lay adjacent and that will serve customers year-round.”

“More than an amphitheatre, this facility will help us grow our music and culture economy,” said Tommy Battle, Mayor of Huntsville. “It will allow us to become a community of curators, where we can develop our own creative content that is unique to Huntsville that we can share globally. In addition to arts festivals, markets, and world-famous musicians, we’ll be able to incubate our own talent, showing that our next great entrepreneurs don’t all have to be in space and missile defense.”