If you’re like me, you think all summer about when the leaves will start changing color around the Tennessee Valley and temperatures will drop toward scarf weather. I simply can’t wait for the area’s green foliage to turn into those stunning yellows, oranges, and reds we all love.

The second a leaf falls, I grab a pumpkin spice latte and search for the best place to check out the amazing views of the Huntsville area! Read on to learn more about some of the best places to see it for yourself.


Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano Fall

Huntsville’s quintessential views and outdoor recreation begins at Monte Sano.

From fantastic trails, to the Monte Sano Lodge, and panoramic views at the overlook (you’ll need to go through the gate to get to this one), it’s your one stop shop for autumn favorites and experiences.

Grab your crew and take a hike!  For more on the various trails and sights of the park, click here.

Burritt on the Mountain

Burritt Mountain Views

Burritt on the Mountain is another adventure on Monte Sano. Whether you’re there to tour the mansion, for Cocktails at The View (which runs through October), or just for a day exploring the grounds, you’ll be surrounded by activities and sights.

These views are Stunning, with a capital S! I’m always awestruck by just how much of Huntsville you can see from The View, and in autumn it rises to another level.

Baker & Able

106 Jefferson Baker and Able Spring Fire Daytime


Even evenings at rooftop bars like one of my personal favorites, Baker & Able at 106 Jefferson, can be the perfect place to observe fall foliage.

The Madison County Courthouse Square is one of the prettiest places downtown during fall. And, from above, you can look out over Old Town to see the colors from the trees in between some of Huntsville’s historic homes. I love to stand at the railing to overlook Jefferson Street, or peek around the other side to see downtown from the opposite direction.


Green Mountain Nature Trail



It’s pretty serene at Green Mountain Nature Trail, at where else other than Green Mountain on Huntsville’s south side. One of my favorite picnic spots in the Huntsville area, Green Mountain Nature Trail offers something for everyone.

You’ll find the main trail pretty easy to tackle, with plenty of interesting stops such as the above covered bridge, and an old chapel.

To view even more of the fall foliage on Green Mountain, venture over to the Land Trust of North Alabama’s nature preserve. These trails offer more than five miles of trails and wonders to explore.


Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

Jones Valley Loop View Blevins Gap Preserve


This is a local favorite spot to experience nature, and specifically autumn. It can be steep, but the views are so worth the extra work! Or, you can just park at the top and take in the gorgeous sights from the trailhead.


It seems like no matter where you go in North Alabama, nature and gorgeous vistas are all around you. You can even take a peek at the fall colors from the interstate!

But to get the most out of your first autumn excursion, I hope that now you have some ideas about the best fall vistas in Huntsville.