Cinco de Mayo is here!  But, hold off on the tacos for a minute and get informed a little about this Mexican celebration. Don’t worry, I won’t take a lot of your time. Once the history express course is over, I’ll share with you a line of incredible events for this holiday! 


History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday that celebrates a single battle won over the French army during the 1860s known as the Battle of Puebla. Mexico had just suffered financial losses and was forced to pay back debt to various European countries. The French saw this as a perfect opportunity to take over the Mexican Territory. The Mexican army however was outnumbered by the French, but these underdogs ended up winning the Battle of Puebla. So what does this have to do with the U.S., you wonder? Well, this Mexican victory played a major factor in not allowing the French empire to help the Confederacy states win the American Civil War. Many people have the misconception of 5 de Mayo being Mexico’s Independence Day, however, this is not true. The Battle of Puebla was seen as a symbolic victory for the Mexican government and allowed Abraham Lincoln to lead major Union victories.

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico is celebrated very differently than in the United States. In Mexico, this holiday is more of a regional holiday for the state of Puebla where the Mexican army won their surprising victory. But, other states also celebrate it. The traditions include recreations of the Battle of Puebla, parades, along with other festive activities. However, for most Mexicans, May the 5th is just like any other day. It is not considered a major holiday, so major stores and banks remain open on this day.

However, Cinco de Mayo has a very different meaning in the United States. It is mainly interpreted as a holiday to commemorate the Mexican heritage and culture found in many of our states.

Now that you have some background knowledge on Cinco de Mayo, let me give you a sample of where you enjoy this holiday here locally.


Hops and Guac

First on the list is Hops and Guac. Come join them for a fun Cinco de Mayo Celebration that will begin at 4 p.m. Specials will include $3 tacos and 50% margaritas. Want to continue the celebration past your bedtime? Stay at Hops and Guac for a DJ event. There will be an admission of $10 for the night celebration that will begin taking place from 10-2 am.


La Esquina

If you have been to La Esquina before, you know there will be a great street party and celebration! If you are in the downtown area, walk over to La Esquina for a marvelous Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Dinner specials include taco flights, Ceviche Nayarit, elote and tamales. Thirsty for a drink? Check out their social hour drink options: margaritas all day, top-shelf margs, tequila flights, and beer specials. If you are ready to sweat off them tacos, enjoy the live music that will be happening from 4 pm-8 pm. You know La Esquina likes to roll down the red carpet for their special events,  expect a street closure on Holmes Ave from 5-9. Purple cups will be available for you, along with vendors for some shopping. You will not be bored at La Esquina as there will be plenty to do in the streets for you to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo celebration!


The Camp at Mid City

Come enjoy the outdoor atmosphere at The Camp. The Camp will also be hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th! This is a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring along the littles ones in your family. Get ready to party under the stars with live music beginning at 7 pm. Music made you hungry? Don’t worry, authentic food and drink specials will be offered throughout the night. Happy hour will be from 4-7 pm. Come grab a chair or walk around to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo fiesta with a great outdoor venue, as always.


Luxe Party Bus Bar Crawl

I recently discovered Luxe party bus and it sounds so much fun to do with a group of friends, spouse, or girlfriends! Luxe Party Bus Bar Crawl is a premier event that integrates a bar crawl with transportation on a very luxurious party bus. The party bus will guide you to 4 of the trendiest bars and nightlife spots in the city. You will be provided with complimentary drinks on the bus. The bus is usually glamorized with special themed decorations, such as Cinco de Mayo. Limited souvenirs are provided. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, take Cinco de Mayo on the wheels with Luxe Party Bus Bar Crawl.

To purchase a Cinco de Mayo ticket, go to:

LUXE Cinco de Mayo Party Bus Event .

Check-in for this event will start at La Esquina Cocina from 7-7:30 pm.


I hope you find something here to help you have a fun night and a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo... If I missed an event, please feel free to add it in the comments!