Mae Jemison Art Trail
In the heart of Downtown Huntsville's Big Spring Park, a unique and inspiring art trail pays tribute to Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space. This trail features seven distinct pieces featuring her quotes.  

Dr. Mae Carol Jemison made history on September 12, 1992, when she became the first African American woman to travel to space. Born on October 17, 1956, in Decatur, Alabama, Jemison's journey to space began with a medical degree from Cornell University and several years working as a general practitioner. In 1987, she applied to NASA's astronaut program and, overcoming numerous challenges, was selected as one of the 15 candidates out of over 2,000 applicants.

To honor Dr. Mae Jemison's groundbreaking achievements, the Dr. Mae Jemison Art Trail was established in Downtown Huntsville. 

The artist behind these remarkable pieces is Jessie Andrews, known for her talent in transforming ordinary spaces into vibrant canvases in the Rocket City. In this case, Andrews painted the seven pieces onto power boxes throughout Big Spring Park.

For those eager to discover, experience, and celebrate the Dr. Mae Jemison Art Trail, a map is available to guide you through the locations of each art installation. 

Whether you're a space enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking inspiration, the Dr. Mae Jemison Art Trail is a must-visit destination in Downtown Huntsville.

Get a map of the Dr. Mae Jemison Art Trail HERE. 

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