We went through the Alabama Tourism Department's "100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die" list and picked out all of the ones in Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County. You can taste some of the best meals and dishes we have to offer and make your way through this expansive list. Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure and if you want to see all 100 dishes, download the free app from Sweet Home Alabama.

Best Appetizers, Sides, and Drinks

Crispy Shrimp & Grits

Location: 1892 Restaurant & Tavern in Huntsville

Details: These crispy shrimp & grits are not traditional. The dish comes with four jumbo shrimp which are butterflied, stuffed with cheese grits, then breaded and fried. Served with smoked tomato sauce on the side with a small mixed green salad. 

German Brown Farmer's Bread

Location: Ol' Heidelberg in Huntsville

Details: Ol' Heidelberg has been a Huntsville staple serving German food since 1972. From bratwurst and red cabbage to schnitzel and more obsucure German fare, fans who lived in Germany swear it's as authentic as it gets. The German brown farmer's bread is served when you are seated. It keeps you more than satisfied as you wait on your entrees. The thick slices are great with butter or even a little mustard, but make sure you save room for dessert. 

Tea and Sugar Water Pitcher

Location: Humphrey's Bar and Grill in Huntsville

Details: Humphrey's Bar and Grill is home to some of the best local music and nightlife in Huntsville, but during the day you can find a relaxing spot to grab a bite to eat. Serving traditional pub fare and some amazing brunch, the real star is the tea and sugar water. Unsweetened tea is served with a pitcher of sugar water so you can make your tea as sweet as you like it.

Smoked Mac n' Cheese

Location: New Market BBQ in New Market

Details: New Market BBQ prepares their own cheese sauce from scratch and blends it with cooked noodles. They then add in even more cheese and top it with their signature New Market BBQ Rub. It's smoked in the bbq pit and is full of a smoky flavor you don't usually find in your mama's mac n' cheese.

Best Entrees

Braised Meyer Ranch Beef Short Ribs

Location: Cotton Row Restaurant in Huntsville

Details: It's an old recipe that is prepared with locally grown ingredients. Anson Mills grits and fresh watercress from New Market complement the natural braised beef flawlessly for a blend of Southern tradition and modern gourmet flair.

Apple Turkey Sandwich

Location: Cyn Shea's Cafe in Huntsville

Details: Cyn Shea's apple turkey sandwich is one you don't want to miss! Turkey, fresh seared Granny Smith Apple, Muenster cheese, & Tarragon mayo are piled high on a orange-cranberry bread. It's a sweet twist to a classic turkey sandwich.


Location: G's Country Kitchen in Huntsville 

Details: Featured on Samantha Brown's Places To Love, G's Country Kitchen features real country cooking with everything made from scratch. The Meatloaf was voted the best in Huntsville and customers say the food tastes just like Grandma's. That's not a surprise considering many of the recipes came from the owners grandmother.

Big Daddy Chicken Plate

Location: Tenders! 

Details: Opened by two Auburn grads in 1996, Tenders! is known far and wide for it's freshly battered chicken, tasty sauce and walls full of SEC memorabilia. The Big Daddu plate comes with 6 chicken tenders, fries, slaw and Texas toast. It's a little bit of everything and the most popular item on the menu!

Hot Wings & Habanero Sauce

Location: Beauregard's in Huntsville

Details: Locals call these the best wings in Huntsville. Beauregard's award-winning hot wings and habanero sauce are always fresh and cooked to order. The habanero sauce is just the right amount of fire with a little sweet. 

Slaw Dog & Chili Burger

Location: Big Spring Cafe in Huntsville

Details: One of the oldest restaurants in the Rocket City, it opened in a railroad boxcar in 1928, these items are classic that's been bringing back customers for 80 years. The Slaw Dog is served with the house slaw, a cool ketchup-based fixing with a sweet crunch. The chili burger is cooked on a flat grill to give a great sear to the meat. It's topped with chili made fresh daily and placed on a square bun with some mustard, onion, and cheese. 

Shrimp and Grits

Location: Connor's Steak & Seafood in Huntsville

Details: Located in Bridge Street Towne Center, Connor's Steak & Seafood is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat. The shrimp and grits dish won first place for Taste of Huntsville and is a hit with customers. The dish is succulent sauteed shrimp, spicy andouille sausage, garlic and a trio of sweet red, green, and yellow peppers tossed in a tasso gravy over melt-in-your-mouth cheese grits.

Catfish & Hush Puppies

Location: Greenbrier Restaurant in Madison

Details: At Madison's Old Greenbrier Restaurant, you'll be greeted with a smile and a basket of golden-brown hush puppies. Famous for their spoon dropped shape and hint of onion, they are best with Greenbrier's white barbeque sauce. Make sure to grab a catfish fillets that are pond-raised, grain-fed. The fish is deep-fried to perfection.

Best Desserts

PB&J in Phyllo

Location: Cotton Row Restaurant in Huntsville

Details: Although peanut and butter and jelly has traditionally been the lunchtime sandwich of Americans everywhere, the combination is gourmet with the help of Cotton Row. The PB& J is enclosed in a thin, paper-like dough called phyllo. The dish originated when Cotton Row chef and owner, James Boyce, forgot to bring a dessert to an event. He raided the clients kitchen and made the unique treat.