Galaxy of Lights

Huntsville is home to so many exciting events during the holidays, but one of the most treasured traditions is the Huntsville Botanical Garden's Galaxy of Lights. What is the Galaxy of Lights? Its millions of lights that Clark Griswold only hopes to aspire to at Christmas. The Galaxy of Lights is two and a half miles of Rocket City engineering at it's best. This volunteer-led project that was started in 1996 has grown to feature more than 200 light displays. You can see everything from the twelve days of Christmas and butterflies to dinosaurs and traditional holiday sights like Santa and snowmen. No matter how cold it is, driving nights let you keep that warm and fuzzy feeling. 

Go Early in the Season, Early in the Week, and Early in the night!

For the best experience at Galaxy of Lights Driving Nights, this family highly recommends going early in the season (early December), on a weekday, and be sure to arrive right at opening time or a little before! This will help you to avoid long lines. Here are a few other tips we have gathered along the way:

Galaxy of Lights

  1. Grab dinner before or bring it along with you in the car (or pack drinks/snacks)
  2. Make sure all your car windows are clean - you don’t want to obstruct the view
  3. Everyone should take a potty break before going to Galaxy
  4. Cash helps move the line along faster - cards are accepted though!
  5. Pups in the car are welcome, but Fido won’t be able to get out
  6. Turn the radio to 98.5 for special Galaxy of Lights music and facts
  7. Make sure your headlights are off so everyone in front of you can enjoy the lights
  8. Carpool! Get the most for your money - Galaxy charges per car
  9. Clean your camera lens - a dirty lens can cause those light flares in photos
  10. Thank every person you see, 99% of them are completely volunteering their time in the cold!

Galaxy of Lights

Galaxy of Lights is a family holiday tradition at our house. The money helps support the Huntsville Botanical Garden during the winter months and that is a mission we can totally get behind. If you go to Galaxy of Lights and find yourself in a long line - that may not be moving very fast - just remember the reason for the season and that everyone is working very hard to make the line as efficient as possible. Just sit back and relax with your friends and family. Personally, we enjoyed a fun game of “Heads Up” while we waited (app on our phone). Make sure to add Galaxy of Lights to your list of holiday to-dos. It will become a family tradition in no time!

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Galaxy of Lights

Galaxy of Lights Driving Nights:
November 29 – January 4*
5:30 – 9:00 p.m. (last admission)

*Galaxy will be closed December 2 and 3 for the Galaxy 5k and 3k



$25/car (up to 10 people)

Military Mondays: Receive $5 off at the gate with ID (Driving Nights only)



$25 for up to 10 people, $3 for each additional person (tour bus driver is free)

Galaxy of Lights