Can the Christmas season be encapsulated into a single experience? Imagine walking into a hallmark-perfect storefront with jolly tunes in the air, browsing new, festive Christmas merchandise. There's nothing like shopping in a beautifully decorated store to get you in the Christmas spirit! We can choose big box chain stores, but I suggest giving the smaller, local stores a chance first because there is a difference:

1. The smaller stores without corporate backing can make their own decisions regarding how they give back to their community.

2. The products are often sourced in smaller batches, handmade, and curated with extensive thought and care.

3. Your spending is directly felt by the small business owner and their families as opposed to when shopping at large retail chains.

4. Locally owned shops can provide a more personal customer service experience.

5. Small shops often prioritize American-made or locally-made.

If you want to shop locally, we've compiled a list of Huntsville locals' favorite places to find one-of-a-kind and unique gifts for the holidays.

Harrison Brothers Christmas Decor window Inside Christmas decor Harrison Brothers

Harrison Brothers Hardware and Historic Huntsville Museum 

Location: 124 Southside Square, Huntsville, Alabama

Harrison Brothers has been dubbed one of the oldest hardware stores standing today. Is it still a hardware store? No, not exactly. Then why do they call themselves a hardware store? They are continuing a tradition that began over one hundred years ago when two brothers started this family-owned business that has operated on the courthouse steps since 1897.

Throughout the years of various owners, the store has consistently stocked its shelves with goods that reflect the history of the store. This historic general store beckons everyone to walk inside after admiring the quintessential storefront that is a dream at Christmas time; one side is dedicated to showcasing what the store looked like as a hardware establishment, while the other side is a historical museum showcasing stories of Huntsville past including the history of the store as well as the building itself. Both sides are fully stocked with seasonal art items, edibles, housewares, books, and vintage toys. History, customer service, and tradition are preserved in this store, and while shopping, you'll feel as if you've stepped back into the early 1900s to shop at the town square. 

Sweet Pineapple Sweet Pineapple Christmas Decor store

Sweet Pineapple Gifts and Home

Location: 964 Airport Road Suite 1, Huntsville, Alabama

I knew what shops I wanted to include in this local shopping guide, but I also wanted to ask my friends what their number one pick is for a go-to local shop. Guess what they said? It was a unanimous melody of empathic responses, Sweet Pineapple!

Everyone loves this shop, named after a replica of hospitality, the pineapple, which has long been a symbol of open warmth and southern hospitality. The people of Huntsville embrace the sweet collection of fashionable gifts and home decor and the welcoming hospitality of the store. The moment you walk in, you're greeted with displays that are so lovely you will stop and stare. The smells beckon you to buy, and the ladies behind the counter are ready to help you.

The atmosphere is calm and inspiring; the store is fashion-driven, with the right side of the store showcasing clothing, accessories, and jewelry; the left side leans more on the home decor, personal gifts, and seasonal side, while the back has a children's shop filled with the best brands in Children's boutiques. You will find that perfect gift for everyone at Sweet Pineapple!


Sweet Pineapple Christmas Decor Caley Paige

Caley Palge Home and Gifts

Location: 114 Clinton Avenue East Suite 104, Huntsville, Alabama

Caley Paige has taken Huntsville by storm; It's not unusual to be at a party or gathering and hear a compliment on clothing or jewelry, and the recipient will respond with, "I got it at Caley Page!" The person receiving the compliment usually has a massive smile as they exclaim how much they love the store! The store owners are a dynamic mother-and-daughter duo with an affinity for beautiful clothing, accessories, and decor; the namesake is the daughter, Caley Paige, who works alongside her mother. The store offers online shopping, dresses, Jackets, tops, bottoms, and jewelry.

Preservation Co storefront Preservation Co. Christmas Decor

The Preservation Company

Location: 1214 Meridian Street, Huntsville, Alabama 

The preservation company is much more than a store; you have to go inside and look around and get to know the family. Every person working inside is part of the family! The family businesses include:

  • Sourcing architecture worldwide.
  • A custom home building company.
  • A gift shop housed in a historic building.

The family has sourced some of the world's most unique hardware and home goods; people drive from all over the nation to buy a unique doorknob or window. The shop also contains locally made, small-batch art and home goods. Going into The Preservation Company is an experience you will remember!

South and Pine Storefront South and Pine Christmas Decor

Shop South and Pine

Location: Historic Downtown Madison Main Street, Madison, Alabama 

Shop South and Pine is an everyday store adjoining Tiny Pines, which inhabits the next-door space as the children's shop of Shop South and Pine. With a large selection of unique kitchen wares, this is the place to go for the foodie in your life! This shop is where you will find never-before-seen kitchen tools and gadgets. If you're shopping for a candle connoisseur, shop South and Pine, where you'll discover heavenly-scented candles. Did I mention the children's books and toys? Remember to shop for all of your little people in this store.