Woman And Child On A Swing At The Huntsville Botanical Garden

Summer's in full swing at the Huntsville Botanical Garden with their latest exhibit for the summer of 2022. Sometimes, you just need to stop and smell the roses … or whatever flower you happen to be in the mood to enjoy.

This summer, the Huntsville Botanical Garden has installed a new exhibit called "In Full Swing." More than 40 swings have been installed in nine areas of the Garden. Each area has a different type of swing – some are designed to be enjoyed by children, but others are designed to be enjoyed with a childlike wonder. 

"We want visitors to rediscover the simple joys of the summer," said Sue Wagner, CEO of the Huntsville Botanical Garden. "It's really an invitation to slow down and relax and take in all the sights and sounds and enjoy the garden.

"We hope you find rejuvenation, inspiration, joy, surprise, and delight around every corner," Wagner said.

Child Sitting On A Hanging Chair At The Huntsville Botanical Garden

The focus of the exhibit, which includes everything from the simplest swings to hammocks to family-wide porch swings to comfy swing seats, is not so much on the swings themselves, but as an encouragement to sit down for a moment and enjoy some of the Garden's best views, and maybe to inspire a bit of nostalgia and joy for being in nature.

That doesn't mean the swings aren't things of beauty themselves: "There's a section of swings that celebrate local artists in our community, said Rebecca Turk, the Garden's Director of Learning and Public Engagement. "We call it the Gallery of Swings." Another area includes swings made by area Amish craftsmen.

In Full Swing is included with regular daytime admission to the Garden. For more information, visit https://hsvbg.org.

Child Running At In Full Swing At Huntsville Botanical Garden