Hey guys! Katie here again with another vlog for iHeartHsv.com. Today, I thought I’d go on the Huntsville Ghost Walk in downtown Huntsville to get into the spooky spirit (ha, get it?!).


The Walk

I bought my ticket for the Ghost Walk at Harrison Brothers Hardware on the square and was met with a tough decision: do I take the Old Town, the Downtown, or the Twickenham tour? All three tours are about 2 hours long, but they each have their own ghost stories. I chose the Twickenham tour this time, whose path takes us past antebellum homes, the Pope Mansion, and the Helion Lodge #1. Our tour guide, Bob, gave us the safety spiel and we were off! Although the evening unexpectedly turned dark and stormy, Bob spun spooky tales and revealed ghostly encounters at each of the stops. I’ve lived in Huntsville most of my life, but I hadn’t heard most of the stories Bob told us!


The Experience

The tours run from 6 p.m. to about 8 p.m. every Friday and  Saturday in September and October. All meet at Harrison Brothers Hardware on the square in downtown Huntsville. Additional tours are offered on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in October only. A trolley tour is also offered, which visits Maple Hill Cemetery and Huntsville Hospital, along with other locations just a bit too far to walk. Photos are encouraged on all the tours, and who knows, you may capture an image of a ghost!


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