Because in huntsville, comedy IS a (2)

Wanna hear something funny?

Huntsville, Alabama.

No, seriously. Huntsville is riding high on a comedy renaissance. A city where, just a few years ago, the stand-up scene consisted of a handful of aging guys standing around talking about how great it was before the Comedy Club closed has transformed into a place where there are comedy options for everybody and there’s always something going on.

Huntsville Comedy

A few years ago, new life was breathed into the local amateur comedy scene via the one-third-misnamed Epic Comedy Hour (it is epic, it is comedy, but you get much more than an hour of jokes), founded by Justin Ledlow, and since then Huntsville has moved farther onto the pro comedy circuit in a big way with the opening of Stand Up Live Huntsville, which brings to town acts like Chris Kattan, Christopher Titus and D.L. Hughley.

Stand Up Live

Today there are opportunities most nights every night with options from big names to first-timers.

Here are four things you probably don’t know about the Huntsville comedy scene:

  • Whether You Want to See the Big Thing in Comedy or the Next Big Thing, We’ve Got You Covered – Huntsville draws some of the biggest comedy headliners in the country (names like Jay Leno, Brian Reagan, Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld have graced the Von Braun Center stage recently), but there’s also lots of opportunity to see regional talent and local up-and-comers.
  • There’s Almost Always Something to Laugh At – Several local venues host regular comedy shows, so there will always be shows Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Add to that the robust calendar at Stand Up Live, and the odds are better than not that there’s a comedy show somewhere in the Huntsville area any given night.
  • It’s More Than Just Stand-Up – Looking for something a little different? Not only does Huntsville host a community of comics, there’s been regular improv comedy shows here for 17 years. Currently, you can check out monthly shows by Don’t Fear the Weasel, which blends improv comedy with stand-up, but there’s even more improv on the horizon.
  • The Next Great Comedian In Huntsville Could Well Be You – If you’d like to try your hand at stand-up comedy, there are open-mic nights in Huntsville at least two times a week. And if you’re visiting the city, it’s a great way to indulge yourself without the folks back home laughing at you – or worse yet, not laughing at you. Check for opportunities at the schedule here.

You can find more information about comedy opportunities here

Because in Huntsville, comedy IS a laughing matter. (And most of the jokes are better than that one.)

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