Meat and Three - A Southern Staple

Oh, Meat and Three, you glorious and flavorful child of Southern cuisine, truly you stand as a testament of tastiness at its finest. You are pretty much always an appropriate choice when the thought of all other meals fall flat.

So complex yet remarkably simple, how do I begin to describe you?  Well, first of all, you are a meat. Often some type of BBQ like chicken or pulled pork ,other times options like meatloaf, country-fried steak, or fried catfish. You can be whatever the person order desires. (provided that it is listed on the menu, of course!)

Secondly, you are three, a combination three scrumptious veggies and side dishes. This is where you really shine.  Your three can be well-loved Southern veggies like green beans (cooked with meat, thank you very much), boiled cabbage, fried okra. But don't limit yourself to actual vegetables, no ma'am... Here in the South, macaroni and cheese counts as a vegetable! And dishes like squash casserole have a vegetable right there in their name!

You think all this sounds magical; are you ready for the best part? Say you don't want to have to wait until after you finish your meal to enjoy some banana pudding or blackberry cobbler. Which is a  perfectly reasonable opinion. Guess what, go ahead and order a dessert as one of the three! We live in an age of miracle and wonder.

Don't forget a glass of sweet tea and a piece of cornbread to seal the perfection!

If macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, it's practically diet food... right???


5 Stops to Start off Your Meat and Three Tour in Huntsville

  • Rolo's Cafe
    • Must Try: the chicken and dumplins'!
    • Bonus: There is a toy train that chugs overhead while you dine. Dinner and entertainment!
    • View Their Website
  • Blue Plate Cafe
    • Must Try: the country fried steak!
    • Bonus:  Head there Saturday morning for their chocolate gravy biscuits!
    • View The Website
  • G's Country Kitchen
  • New Market BBQ
    • Bonus: Their cakes are some of THE BEST Madison Country has to offer!
    • View the Website
  • Mia's Cafe
    • Must Try: the chicken and dressing
    • Bonus: Go back for breakfast!
    • View the Website

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