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Civil War History

  • W-01
  • Length of course: 1 hour
  • Additional Activities
    • Social Studies
The life of Maria Howard Weeden will be presented to the students as they learn how this poet and artist used the conflict of the Civil War to write history. Students will view her art and learn how she painted exquisite portraits and captured the spirit of her model as she transcended the cultural barriers of her time. Visitors will also learn how people during the Civil War survived and how individuals and groups responded differently to their physical and social environments.
Wedding Venue
Hours of Operation
Venue Details
  • Location Type:
    • Residence/Mansion/Estate
  • Location Character: Historic
  • Wedding Amenities: Indoor rental
  • Outdoor Amenities: Garden available for ceremony and reception
  • Smoking: No
  • Parking: Street and nearby parking garages.
Hours of Operation
  • Closed: Sun - Tue
  • Hours: Wed - Sat please call before visiting.