Convention & Visitors Bureau Launches Revamped #iHeartHsv Blog

Top resource for Huntsville visitors gets a fresh look, makes trip-planning easier than ever


(Huntsville, AL) – The Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) launched the original #iHeartHsv blog in February 2015, creating a one-of-a-kind outlet for visitors and locals alike to share all the things that make Huntsville/Madison County a top destination to visit, meet, explore, dine, and beyond. Now in 2019 the blog has been revamped, breathing new life into one of the most important resources for visitors traveling to the Rocket City and making the trip-planning process easier than ever.

The CVB publishes weekly #iHeartHsv blog articles highlighting information pertinent to potential Huntsville/Madison County visitors – everything from how Huntsville got the nickname “Rocket City,” to which shops offer unique souvenirs to commemorate your Huntsville visit, to where to find the best burger in town.

The majority of the blog content is written by a team of Huntsville locals, giving readers authentic insight into the culture of the city.

“Visitors want to experience the true heart and soul of our destination; they’re interested in visiting the big attractions but they also want to know the hidden gems that locals frequent, like a hidden alleyway full of public art or an unassuming restaurant with great Southern food. That’s what makes the #iHeartHsv blog such a valuable resource – it’s first-hand information from people who know best, our own Huntsville residents,” said Kristen Pepper, Marketing Manager for the CVB.

The blog, which initially was created as its own website separate from the CVB’s primary site,, has now been integrated with the main site, creating seamless navigation between blog content and’s hotel, attraction, and restaurant listings, event calendar, meeting planner resources and a host of other information.

“Visitors can now move easily from the ‘inspiration’ phase of planning their trip, directly into researching which hotel they might book, which events they want to attend, where they might eat while they’re here. The blog is such a popular resource, having it reside on our main site makes converting that potential visitor to a real, boots-on-the-ground guest in our city that much easier,” said Judy Ryals, President/CEO of the CVB.

Updated features and functionality of the #iHeartHsv blog

Blog subscription: Readers can make sure they never miss a post by subscribing to the #iHeartHsv blog. Subscribers will automatically receive a monthly round-up of all of the latest content straight to their e-mail inbox.

Chronological search: Not sure where to begin? Visitors can now view every blog in a straightforward list format, starting with the most recently published and going back to the very first article.

Top posts: A dedicated “top posts” section highlights the most popular articles currently trending on the blog, bringing attention to content that fellow viewers have found exceedingly helpful or interesting.

Seasonal content: Timing is everything when planning a trip. A section on the blog homepage now collects content based on seasonality, calling out articles featuring season-specific festivals, activities, and other offerings.

Related articles: At the bottom of each post, additional articles will be suggested to the reader based on topic, keywords, and categories, creating a personalized experience and helping them dive deeper into specific interests.

Fully responsive: Whether you’re viewing the #iHeartHsv blog on a desktop, tablet or your mobile phone, the website will size accordingly – looking as if it were made for whatever device you happen to be using.

Translation services: The Rocket City is proud of its diverse, inclusive community. Each #iHeartHsv blog post can be now be immediately translated into 65 languages, making the blog more accessible to the ever-growing number of international visitors.

To view the #iHeartHsv blog, visit the CVB’s website at

For more information, contact Kristen Pepper, Huntsville/Madison County CVB Marketing Manager at 256.551.2294 or