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There’s only a ghost of a chance you’ll find a better way to get into the spirit of Huntsville than by visiting local haunts with a Huntsville Ghost Walk, boys and ghouls.

Now that we’ve gotten all the bad jokes out of the way, let’s have a serious talk about a great way to have fun with a local flavor. Here are four things you need to know about the Huntsville Ghost Walk:

1.) There’s History to the Hauntings 

The stories you’ll hear on a Huntsville Ghost Walk have been vetted two ways. The founders of Huntsville Ghost Walk brought in a medium from out of town, turned him loose in the areas they wanted to explore, and let him tell what he experienced-to avoid a bias towards old local stories. Then, everything the medium saw was researched in official records to find a match. The result is a combination of thrilling stories of murder, betrayal, and more mixed with fascinating local history.

2.) Huntsville Ghost Walks Aren’t Just for Halloween 

Huntsville Ghost Walks begin in early September, and continue through Halloween.

3.) With So Many Options, There’s Something for Everyone

In addition to the Decatur walks, there are three different walking routes just in Huntsville. Choose one of the three guided tours through Huntsville's historic districts: Twickenham, Old Town, or Downtown. You also have an option for riding tours: a trolley tour! With a variety of talented local storytellers leading the walks, you can take the same walk twice and have a different experience.

4.) Be Open to the Unexpected

Don’t be surprised if you experience more than stories on your walk. It’s not unheard of for more sensitive participants to pick up things on their own. Take pictures on your walk, snapping a few shots each time to see if anything changes between frames. Download a ghost radar app on your phone and see if the spirits have anything to share.

Huntsville's Ghost Walk in Huntsville, Alabama via

Harrison Brothers Hardware store


All of the tours begin at Harrison Brothers Hardware located at 124 Southside Square, promptly at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children who are 12 years old and under. Just a heads up, it is CASH ONLY.  Visit or call 256-509-3940 for more information.

And I apologize for the bad jokes at the beginning. This is, after all, a grave matter.