Huntsville History Month is right around the corner and there are many awesome tours and strolls happening throughout the month.  Maybe you aren’t able to make any of the tour times. Maybe you’d rather take a tour alone or with family/ friends. This post is for you. Whatever the reason, don’t worry. Thankfully, there are digital tours and apps! Explore the list below to find which tour(s) you’d love to experience.

Downtown Huntsville and Twickenham



Maple Hill Cemetery

This is a picture of characters dressed up for the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll.


Markers of Madison County

The Marker Challenge



Rocket City Civil Rights Driving Tour

Rocket City Civil Rights


Another great thing about the digital tours is that they’re all walkable and drivable! Having these digital tours makes exploring and learning about the history of Huntsville much more accessible. So get out there this history month and experience the past which brought us this great city!