Vision Zip Line Tour

I couldn’t help but let out a big “yee-haw” as I soared through the forest canopy, strapped in and zipping my way across the latest adventure hot spot in Madison County that is now open to the public.

The Vision Zipline Tour site is located on the south end of Green Mountain and is made up of varying terrains and numerous hardwoods covering the 300- acre property. We made the drive on a perfect Sunday afternoon for our guided- zipline tour.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our zipline tour guide. The guide led us to the gear barn to get our helmets and harnesses fitted. After our safety talk, we set off walking to the zipline course. It was a brisk hike up the hillside and deep into the forest.

Zip Line Tour

The Vision facility, owned by the Dunlap family, is home to a Christian retreat, conference, and ministry facility alongside the newly-opened public zipline adventure park.

The campus was established in 2004 and is truly a unique destination. The Dunlap’s goal was to develop a place where anyone could conveniently get away, reflect and relax.

Zip Line Vision Tour

From the ziplines, you will find great views of the facility's four-story lodge, manmade lake, and Green Mountain.

The course features 10 zip lines, the longest reaching 1,100 feet. We arrived at the first take-off platform, a short glide, perfect for getting your feet off the ground and learning the ropes (literally).

The guides walked us through the steps for a safe, fun zip, and since each zip line “rides” a little different, every time you clip onto the line, it is a taste of the unknown.

Zipline Vision

On my second zip, I nailed the landing. I came into the landing zone backward, but a simple dragging of the shoes on the wooden planks slowed me more than enough time to keep me on the raised platform.

The walking in between the different zips is just as exciting, with plenty of nature to take in for guests. We had a great conversation about how the course was built last year ( a major undertaking).

The ziplines are perfect for anyone willing to take the leap of faith, and okay with a small amount of hiking. My advice: dress for the weather. The tour with the two of us took about two hours, but larger groups take longer to get everyone through the course. Wear closed-toe shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed. Trust me, you do not want to lose a shoe while flying high above the ground!

If you attend in the winter months, bring a pair of gloves and dress in layers, and in the summer bring your bug spray and water bottle.

I have zipped at other locations in the past, and while those experiences were fun, this particular course has something extra special and welcoming. My advice: don’t miss this opportunity to make “uplifting” memories with your friends and family!

Vision Zip Line Tour

Know Before You Go

Vision Zipline Tours

Address: 187 Oscar Webster Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803 - Directions

Pricing: Adults $59 / Children $49

They offer large group pricing discounts.

*Minimum tour group size of two people. Max 12