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Rocket City Civil Rights

The Rocket City Civil Rights Driving Tour highlights areas of significance to the civil rights era in Huntsville. See sites like the Fifth Avenue School, the first public school in the state of Alabama to integrate, Oakwood University, where Dr. Martin Luther King spoke during his visit to Huntsville in 1962, and other points of interest rich in cultural heritage.

The tour was created in partnership with the Alabama Humanities Foundation and the Historic Huntsville Foundation, with a mission to capture, document, and share oral histories of the successful, non-violent civil rights movement in Huntsville, Alabama.


Celebrate the Six Black Women Who Made History in Alabama

Black Women Voters

Following the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920, a transformative wave swept through Alabama as over 100,000 women, including 1,373 from Madison County, registered to vote. Among them, six remarkable Black women—Mary Wood Binford, Ellen Scruggs Brandon, India Leslie Herndon, Lou Bertha Johnson, Dora Fackler Lowery, and Celia Horton Love—etched their names into history. You can pay tribute to these heroes by visiting the historic marker placed in their honor at Councill High Memorial Park. This marker commemorates their courage in claiming the right to vote at the Madison County Courthouse during the era of Jim Crow Alabama. Living in a community grappling with the rise of white supremacy, these women navigated a challenging landscape to exercise their political and civil rights, persisting against the discriminatory barriers upheld by the Supreme Court.

Councill High Memorial Park

620 St Clair Ave SW


Visit days past at the Huntsville Revisited Museum 

Huntsville Revisited Historic Black Business

Explore Huntsville Revisited, a cultural gem showcasing a varied assortment of unique artifacts, photographs, and narratives that capture the history of Huntsville and its integral events, places, and families. Mr. William Hampton, the museum's curator, has crafted a treasure trove of Huntsville's heritage. For all things related to Huntsville's history, Mr. Hampton is your go-to guide and friend. A trip to the museum is an immersive experience, and strolling through while Mr. Hampton brings the stories to life adds an extra layer to your visit that you will never forget. 

Huntsville Revisited Museum 

2007 N. Memorial Parkway, Suite O


Experience life as a student at a Rosenwald Schoolhouse - Burritt on the Mountain 

Burritt School

To commemorate Black History Month, celebrate “African Americans in Education and the Arts” with Burritt on the Mountain. Experience what it was like to be a student at a Rosenwald Schoolhouse in the early 20th century with hands-on activities including an African American folk-art craft and a themed scavenger hunt throughout the Historic Park. During this event, delve into the life and legacy of Booker T. Washington, the reformer, and educator who established what is now Tuskegee University.

Event Details 

African Americans in Education and the Arts

February 10, 2024, 10 am - 4 pm
Burritt on the Mountain - 3101 Burritt Dr SE


11:00 Rosenwald School presentation—Rosenwald classroom
1:00 The Life and Legacy of Booker T. Washington—Rosenwald classroom
2:30 Rosenwald School presentation—Rosenwald classroom

Ongoing activities:

Make your own paper ugly jug—Gardiner Cabin
Tin punch craft—Industrial Room of Rosenwald Schoolhouse
Folk art scavenger hunt—Historic Park

This event is included in general admission and is free for Burritt members. Children must be accompanied by an adult to participate.


Visit a Historical Site

Councill High Memorial Park 

William Hooper Councill

Where once stood Huntsville's first school for African American students is now a beautiful and welcoming park. Walk in the footsteps of Councill High alum and pay tribute to a small portion of Dr. William Hoopper Councill's legacy. Read more about this park here.

Councill High Memorial Park 

620 St Clair Ave SW


10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier's Memorial

Buffalo Soldier Monument

Meet the Buffalo Soldiers - the resilient 9th and 10th Cavalry, and the 24th and 25th Infantry troops, nicknamed for their unmatched strength and bravery, notably in the Spanish-American War in Cuba.

10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier's Memorial

2800 Poplar Ave NW


There are plenty of ways to celebrate African American heritage year-round in Huntsville. Stroll through historic Glenwood Cemetery, pay your respects at the Buffalo Soldiers Memorial, and take in the stunning, life-like portraiture of African Americans at the Weeden House Museum and Garden

For more information on multicultural events in Huntsville, follow along with the City of Huntsville Multicultural Affairs Office.

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