Fall is my favorite time of year in Huntsville, Alabama. The weather becomes pleasantly mild, a gentle breeze sweeps through, and the leaves put on a captivating display of brilliant colors, especially in the downtown square area.

Whether you're looking to explore solo, have family adventure time, enjoy a girls' night or date night out, there's plenty of indoor and outdoor fall activities to choose from. There's more to do just outside the downtown area too but this list will focus on fall adventures in the heart of downtown Huntsville. 

Date Night/Girls' Night 

Option #1 

  • Grab dinner at Domaine South and sit on the patio that has a view just above Big Spring Park
    • Known for their wine, cocktails, local ingredients, and charcuterie boards, Domaine South is perfect for a night out.
Local Tip 

In Huntsville, the legal way to drink while walking around downtown is to ask the restaurant for a ‘purple cup’ to go. They will pour your current drink or a new one into a purple plastic cup and you are free to walk around the downtown vicinity in the Arts District. Purple Cup boundaries will be noted on the sidewalks. 

Option #1 continued...

  • Take your purple cups carefully down the stairs to enter Big Spring Park.
    • There you can view the natural spring fountain and walk over the floating steps to find ducks, Koi fish, benches, swings and a fun "Welcome to Huntsville" Mural.
  • Head over the crosswalk to the larger half of Big Spring Park to find a walking path that takes you under a colorfully lit tunnel.


Date Night/Girls' Night 

Option #2

  • Have dinner at Poppy & Parliament, an English upscale pub and restaurant.  You'll know you're there when you see the red telephone booth on the square. 

    • Order the fish and chips, a pint of beer, or if you are feeling adventurous... some frog legs at this English style pub.

  • Grab your purple cup and explore the downtown area with the Secret Art Walk self guided tour.
    • There are 19 official stops you can explore on your own or use the map located at downtownhuntsville.org.
      • Some notable stops on the art walk include:
        • A colorful lit up art alley, a large space and planet mural, a hidden tiger, larger than life koi fish mural, and more!
  • After the art walk, head up to Huntsville’s tallest rooftop bar, Baker & Abel.
    • Baker & Able is located on the roof of downtown’s 106 Jefferson, a curio collection hotel. The rooftop bar celebrates the first two monkeys that went to space, Baker and Abel. You can see views of downtown and the rolling hills while drinking speciality cocktails around fire places and lounge areas.


Solo Exploring

  • If you are in Huntsville on a Thursday, you are in luck. An amazing local farmers' market occurs each week through October. The market is located in the parking lot on the corner of Greene Street and Eustis (just off the downtown Huntsville square).
  • Enjoy a walk around the downtown square and grab a meal on the patio of Le Petite Bijou
    • From the patio, you can people watch and enjoy locally sourced ingredients and amazing sandwiches.
  • After your meal, walk over to Piper & Leaf Tea in Constitution Village to drink local artisan blended iced teas or coffee.
  • Walk into some of the downtown shops on Clinton Row for some shopping while you sip on tea and enjoy our beautiful downtown area.

Family Adventures

  • Start with a meal at downtown Huntsville’s Sam and Greg's Pizza at 116 S Side Square Huntsville, AL.
    • Upstairs at Sam & Greg's is a glow in the dark mini golf area. This is a great idea if it's raining outside!
  • After your meal, find the spiral staircase off the square for a fun way to take you down to Big Spring Park (there is also a larger set of stairs down, but the kids will love the spiral staircase).  
  • Waddle around Big Spring Park on the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt.
    • There are 12 bronze ducks hidden around Big Spring Park and downtown. Find them all and collect a prize from the Downtown Huntsville Visitor Center.
  • While in Big Spring, feed the large Koi fish and Huntsville’s famous ‘chicken ducks’ from the red Japanese Bridge that connects multiple walking paths around Big Spring Park.
  • If you are wanting to end your adventure with something sweet, check out the Cozy Cow.
    • Cozy Cow is located near the crosswalk intersection of Big Spring Park East. Enjoy tasty options like ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, tea, sandwiches and snacks.