Lewter Hardware

For more than 90 years, Lewter Hardware has been a Huntsville, Alabama staple.

Huntsville has some unique and enriching history. We also pride ourselves on preserving that history and sharing it with others. This is why Huntsville has a deep connection with the past, present, and future. One bit of history that I find most intriguing came from a hardware store that has been standing in one location on Washington Avenue since 1928!

Lewter Hardware is located at 222 Washington Street in Downtown Huntsville. It is a place many local contractors, homeowners, and DIYers may be very familiar with. They have so many different pieces and parts, you can find almost anything you are looking for in that store! Lewter Hardware just celebrated their 90th anniversary and they are still going strong.  The original founders were D.A. Lewter and Malcolm Lewter with a very knowledgeable staff of 8. In the early 1900s, Huntsville was a booming agriculturally based community, and the Lewter’s store was an essential part of that success. They worked daily with local farmers to keep their tools and farm implements in working order.

An Explosive Background

“Way back in the day we sold dynamite. The last case that was sold (1950s) was used to blow a hole in the back of a local beer store. Apparently, the owner of a competing beer store across town had used it to blow up the backside of his rival's store where the refrigeration system was, in an attempt to boost his booze sales for a few days while repairs were made. After a few different government agencies got involved in the investigation, the store decided it was best to discontinue further sales of dynamite!”  - Caleb Hipp

All in the Family

The Lewter family managed to keep the business going through the Great Depression. They also have survived the more recent advent of the “Big Box Store.”  Lewter Hardware continues to thrive on the expansive growth and development of Downtown Huntsville. Their sole mission is to serve the community with a knowledgeable staff and a large inventory while creating long-term relationships with their customers.

The current owners, Donnie Lewter Jr. and Mac Lewter, are proud of their family business, its rich history, and the community it serves. Huntsville is lucky to have such a large piece of history in the heart of Downtown.  Though they may no longer sell it, they are truly one of our “local dynamites!” Stop by Lewter Hardware soon and congratulate them on 90 successful years of service to downtown Huntsville.