The Staple - Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo LoungeVibe - Dive-y
Food - bar food necessities
Drinks - The classics you’d expect from a dive bar!

This place is a Huntsville staple. Voodoo has been vibing below the streets of Huntsville for over a decade. It used to be called Judge Crater's and Tavern Under the Square when it was a bar in the 1990s. If you haven’t been, you gotta make it a point to go! Voodoo Lounge, named after the Rolling Stone 1994-1995 world tour, is your go-to spot for 7 nights of live music.

Where to find it?
On the block between Cotton Row and Sam and Greg’s, you'll see a neon sign in a doorway. Take the stairs down on your right. 



The Standout - Phat Sammy’s

Phat Sammy

Vibe - Tiki
Food - unique, delicious with an Asian meets Southern flare
Drinks - abundant and strong

Full disclosure, I am a Phat Sammy’s stan. One of my favorite restaurants in Huntsville! If you’re in the mood for incredible food with delectable drinks, this is the stop. Every week, there are special drinks and meals to try, follow them on Instagram to find out what they are. You definitely want to catch one of their Drag Shows if you can!

And remember to order Phat Fries for the table.

Where to find it?
Near the corner of the Kaffeeklatsch and next to the 106 Jefferson, you will find a neon-bright pineapple over a doorway. Head down those stairs and walk through the door, then you’ll find yourself on tiki time. 



The Speakeasy - Catacomb435

Catacomb 435 speakeasy - cave seating

Vibe - Classy and secretive
Drinks - truly one-of-a-kind

This place requires a reservation and you’ll have a table for two hours. You’ll need the time because you’ll want to savor these cocktails. There’s no menu and you get to use your imagination. I won’t spoil the environment for you but you are for sure going to drink something mind-blowing.

Where to find it?
Around the corner from Clinton Row and down the block from In Bloom, you’ll find a red box with a phone. Dial the number you’re given and give the password you were assigned. Look for the stairs with the chandelier. Head down then look for the black door, step through, and settle into the speakeasy.