The standard

It’s not every downtown eatery where you can go to either enjoy lunch and wine on an outdoor patio or buy a roll of paper towels, but a new addition to the Downtown Huntsville scene isn’t exactly a standard eatery – in fact, it’s The Standard.

The Standard Social Market is coming to Huntsville’s downtown, and its personality is perfect for its location. Just south of The Avenue and north of Big Spring Park, The Standard will be both a destination bringing people downtown and a convenient resource serving those living or staying there.

What to Expect at The Standard

Those coming to dine in will find breakfast (don’t miss the Hubbard & Cravens coffee!), lunch and evening bar food. Chef Erick Luther, who is opening The Standard with his wife Stephanie, studied at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin, which focuses on classical cuisine, sustainability and farm-to-table fare. That philosophy is at the heart of The Standard, which the Luthers said will offer the freshest meats and seafood sourced from local vendors.

It was also that time in Austin that inspired The Standard. While Stephanie compared The Standard to a New York bodega, it was a small business near their apartment in Austin that planted a desire to open something similar someday. When they moved to Huntsville, though, they felt like the city wasn’t ready yet for a business like this, so Erick went to work for Chef James Boyce at his local restaurants Cotton Row, Commerce Kitchen and Pane e Vino, but that dream never died. They got an apartment in Downtown Huntsville, and occasionally had conversations about it as they watched the area grow around them until they felt the time was right. 

More than a Restaurant

More than just a restaurant, though, The Standard will also include a small market. Its unique fare should appeal to a varied audience, but it promises to be a particularly convenient destination for those living, working or staying in the Downtown Huntsville area. For those that don’t have time to come sit down for a meal, The Standard will offer items from the kitchen as meals-to-go. Grocery items will include a variety of meats and cheeses; unique, locally sourced products like oils and vinegars, spaces and sauces; and drinks to go with grab-and-go meals. 

“I want to collaborate with as many local providers as I can, and carry their products,” Stephanie said. “I want people to walk in and see names they know that aren’t mainstream.”

The Standard will also offer convenience items like milk and paper towels so those in the area can grab necessities without having to make a late evening car ride. A butchery will sell fresh meats and seafood arriving daily, and the Luthers will custom order meats on request for patrons.

A Place for Visitors and Locals

Putting the “social” in Social Market, the Luthers see The Standard as a gathering place downtown, whether that be locals running into each other picking up energy drinks or charcuterie selections, or people coming to the bar to cheer for their team on one of the big screen TVs during football season. Having lived in Downtown Huntsville for years, Stephanie said she’s excited to serve those friends and neighbors.

“I just want to see people we know coming in and sitting at the bar and enjoying themselves,” she said. “If this is the place people chose to be on Friday or Saturday night, I’ve done my job.”

To find out more about The Standard Social Market, visit their website or check them out on Facebook.