Hey everyone, Katie here! Did you know that there is a place in Madison county where you can see zebras, giraffes, emus, crocodiles, and tortoises? It’s true! Harmony Park Safari is located in Huntsville, south of Owens Cross Roads but north of the Tennessee River. I can’t believe that I can drive 30 minutes south and see safari animals!

The park is open 10 am until sunset from March through November. You stay in your car for this safari, and the animals come right up to you! Admission is $9.00 per person, with kids 2 and younger free. If you want to buy some food for the animals, it is $1.00 per cup or $5.00 per bucket. I highly recommend getting at least one bucket! If you’re worried about your car getting dented or scratched (some of the animals have rather large horns), then you can rent an Xterra. Just for reference, I drive a Honda Fit hatchback, and I had no problems.

There are several animals milling around as you drive through, and some of the friendliest are the bison, the emus, and the llamas. They are not shy, and will possibly stick their whole head inside your car to get at your delicious food, so be warned! It’s amazing to see these animals up close, especially those like the zebra that you don’t get to see in the wild.

Once you’ve made the loop around the park (or multiple loops to see the giraffe, like me!), don’t leave yet! One of the coolest parts of the park is the tortoise trail. For $1.00 per cup, you can buy lettuce to feed the giant tortoises. It’s so cool to see them munch away on the lettuce, but watch your fingers! There are also baboons, lemurs, some very colorful and loud birds, and a reptile room.

Harmony Park Safari is one of Huntsville’s best hidden gems, and it’s right on our doorstep! I kept hearing people say how much fun they were having, and the kids were absolutely beaming. I highly recommend a visit, and then of course a trip to the car wash!